CHAT for Families with a loved one in an addition

Feel free to talk it out with other families who are trying to cope with a loved one who has a chemical or behavioral addiction. If you need more help, please contact me by completing the contact form on this page.

Go ahead and click on the chat room below and let's get talking!

Please be kind to everyone here.  Any bad language, disrespect to God, bullying, cursing, unprofessional advice, or judgements, will be deleted and will cause you will be permanently banned from this site.

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We are SO sorry to have to post these rules; however, we are living in very dark times in this country and in the world. That said, please understand why these rules have to be here.

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The primary purpose of Recovery Room 7 is to allow people to have free and respectful exchange of emotions, thoughts, and ideas. Having meaningful and healing conversations is at the core of this mission and helps us to process life and addiction..

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