"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." (John 8:32)

The Online Recovery Program Everyone Is Talking About!

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If you're looking for a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix, then you've arrived at the right place! When you attend our online program, you can expect to fully recover when you do the work and continue it going forward.  No 'steps'!  No disease theories!  No labeling anyone an 'addict'!  Just truth and healing.  There IS another way.  Make it YOUR way!

We work with you Online & by Phone, with 24/7 Support. After completing your program, we extend our 24/7 support to you for as long as you need us. It's nice to know that someone is there when you need someone to talk to or pray with. We feel we are the most compassionate and comprehensive faith based recovery program available. The best part is that you don't have to interrupt your life. We become part of your daily routine as we help navigate you through a successful spiritually sound healing process.

OUR MISSION is to properly redefine addiction as a spiritual problem that demands a spiritual solution . This solution is found in the promises of God as revealed throughout the pages of the Holy Bible.  Recovery does come to an end that brings new life, complete healing and hope to the once brokenhearted who finally discover they were created by God for a purpose.  That makes all the difference!

The 7 Basic Components of RecoveryRoom7online.com

1) Trained & Certified by Adult & Teen Challenge USA to teach their world famous PSNL curriculum - designed for both adults and teens alike. This program is the backbone for individualized counseling, personalized coaching and extraordinary discipleship. We are very proud to be able to integrate their program with ours. (Please note: we are not a licensed Teen Challenge Facility; however, we are sanctioned by them to teach their curriculum.)

2) Specialized Christian Life Coaching for you and your family!  Addiction is not only your problem; it

     involves your entire household.

3) Sound Biblical Counseling

4) Bible Study with an emphasis on spiritual warfare and a deeper walk with the Messiah

5) Sound, Balanced & Powerful Discipleship

6) Worship & Praise

7) Paying it forward

God's power in your life is how Jesus our Messiah can and does make the difference in overcoming addiction. It's by total submission to the Word of God, and living by His ways, that addiction doesn't just end, it is annihilated. This is accomplished through salvation, immersing oneself in the Bible, living Biblically, fellowshipping, being accountable,  and always paying it forward.

Our goal is for you to embrace God's Power in your life and to help you understand how Jesus is the 'key' to overcoming your addiction, without the stigma of thinking you have some incurable disease. When fully embraced, addiction can be a thing of the past. As you're aware, too many are enslaved, tortured and disabled from addiction, and all too many needlessly die prematurely. We don't want that to happen to you! Most actually live in constant fear of relapse. Fear is not of God, neither can God lie, so when you are healed, you stay healthy and well.

Regarding  prescription drugs here in the USA, we now have a growing opioid crisis that needs to be dealt with. Opioids are responsible for killing 1 American every 8.5 minutes, which includes both kids and adults. This sobering statistic is becoming worse and worse. This needs to stop. No matter what your addiction is, we believe that we offer you something refreshingly new, different and filled with hope and purpose. Your life matters and you matter to us! We have your back 24/7.

We are NOT disease theorists, and you won't be doing any 'steps' here.  God never put 'steps' to His healing of addiction (noted as drunkenness and pharmakeia  in the Bible), so neither do we.  'Steps' are 100% unbiblical.   Aside from necessary medically supervised detox which takes only a few days, recovery doesn't need to be 'medical' or 'clinical', and your life doesn't need to be spent apart from your family.  The statement that addiction is a disease is NOT evidence based. It has never been proven, nor can it be. There are a lot of lies out there that you must be careful to discern. The fact remains that when you are told that you have an incurable disease, your mind becomes programmed to ongoing disability and 'relapse'. Your mind affects your body and so you believe that you can't heal and nothing changes. On the other hand, when your mind is offered hope and healing, you will  heal and move forward with a productive and satisfying life, leaving addiction buried in your past. Add Jesus to this equation, and you can't lose!

With all of our research, practical experience, training,  and personal backgrounds,  we believe it is worth giving RecoveryRoom7online.com a chance to restore your life and make it new. You pay by any donation that you are able to afford.  If you can't afford anything, your program is FREE!.   That said,  there is no  need to be concerned about money.  Remember that addiction takes you and your loved ones hostage. Jesus wants to set you FREE. Isn't it time to invite the Great Physician, the God of all creation, into your recovery so that you can heal for life? 

Will you take a moment to  send us an email? Your addiction won't and can't go away on it's own, and the first year of recovery is a very vulnerable time. I think you know that. You may have even tried to do it on your own and found out that you couldn't. Perhaps you are one of the many who have entered and re-entered the revolving door rehab madness. Your life just isn't life anymore and you are praying that someone would just make it better. We can help coach you through a victorious recovery.

Our extraordinary love for the Lord, our passion for our work, our expertise, our experience, our compassion and empathy for our clients, all work together to make RecoveryRoom7online.com an ongoing victorious success!

Please visit RecoveryRoom7online.com if you want or need a tailored, private, and empowering program designed just for you!  Remember, the fee is affordable to everyone because your tuition if either FREE (if you're in a money crunch) or by your 100% tax deductible donation of any size.  You tell us what the tuition will be!  CLICK HERE.  

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Decions are made by the Board of Directors and reviewed on a case by case manner